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Why Trade at World Car Nissan?
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We Give You the Most Money for Your Trade!

Looking at trading your car can be nerve-wracking.  We all want to feel that we're being offered a fair value for the worth of our vehicle when we're considering trading it in.  Here at World Car Nissan, we offer you the Most money for your trade, in the area!

What's My Car's Value?

Just what is my car's value?  What kind of offer will I get for my trade-in and how does it all work?  The auto industry has a standard for car values on a national level, and then states and cities/towns have a value on a local level as well.  Companies or groups such as NADA, (North American Dealership Association), or KBB, (Kelly Blue Book), use a national standard on car values.  So when you're looking into trading or selling your car, and you see descriptions from sellers or dealerships, that use phrases such as, Nada trade-in value, KBB trade-in value, KBB car value, NADA car value, Bluebook value, NADA value, or even Black Book value, you're seeing that those particular dealerships or sellers are basing the values of cars on those standards.


World Car Nissan uses a Local Value.  Our tool prices specifically for the San Antonio market place.  You can use our Trade In Value Tool to get a better estimate of your car at the link, Value Your Trade.  There are other ways of appraising the value of your car as well.  You can have the value of your car appraised at a local dealership, by CarFax, or an online estimator, such as our 'Value Your Trade.'


How does the actual process work?  When you make the decision to trade your car in, you first want to look at the present worth or value of your car, by having it appraised.  After you have a good idea of what your car's value is and you still would like to trade it in, the next step is to go to the business where the car you're looking to trade for is at.  That business will also assess your car to verify its value as well.  It will assess the body, the cabin, (inside of the car), and the mechanics to get a more specific value.  Most people receive right on, or a range of what they assessed the value of their car to be.

We have the Largest Inventory in the area!

Let's face it, sometimes a dealership just doesn't have a big enough variety to choose from; we do!  View World Car Nissan's Inventory here.

Lifetime Warranty

World Car Nissan's Customers receive our Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty on all new and select preowned cars, and is redeemable throughout all 50 states.

Lifetime Roadside Assistance

World Car Nissan's Customers receive our 24/7 Lifetime Roadside Assistance, on all new and select preowned cars, and is redeemable throughout all 50 states!

2 Year/24k Maintenance

When you purchase a new or select preowned car, World Car Nissan Customers will also receive our exclusive 2 year/24 thousand mile maintenance benefit at no extra charge!



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